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Help with Infusion creation


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I have an idea for an infusion but my programming skills are not up to scratch.

The idea is really for myself, not sure if anyone else could make use out of it!?

Anyway the idea is to have an infusion that shows what clients are connected to the Pineapple through KARMA, but show the clients in the infusion tile, and maybe have the ability to scroll. I know its possible to view these in the Karma Log but would like to easily view these on the Infusion page.

So, the question is, can someone create this?

Or any help in creating this would be great!

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Hi guys -

@Darren, Yes, that's exactly what I mean! @m40295, I have tried your suggestion and this is great - Thank you for your input! But is it possible to bespoke the log!? In the way of removing the first field, I'm not sure what it represents, Timestamp or reference number, so I can see the full MAC and IP on one line!? OR is it possible to make the tile wider using the CSS Editor? I have a feeling changing the tile width would change the width for all tiles!?

Also the KARMA log dosnt remove the clients from the list that disconnect when out of range for example. They still appear on the list. Is there a reason for this? I'm kinda of after a live KARMA log if you like. OR maybe put a tick or other symbol next to the MAC or IP when the client is no longer in range!?

Any thoughts?

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Sure, most all of this can be done with standard text processing tools such as sed and awk. Or you could rely on the intelligence report from the PineAP tile which does just which you ask. It could be adapted to your own infusions small tile with ease as the PHP and Javascript code is available. Cheers!

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