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categorization of infusions


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It'd be really cool if there was an option in the Web interface to be able to create and install infusions based on the type of infusion.

I.E. recon infusions: instaled and only viewable when reconnaissance is selected.

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Ok since we can switch between reconnaissance and infusions in the UI.

Right now the recon tab only has one application, what not expand on the idea of recon with the pineapple and categorize the infusions in the pineapple bar and webUI based on the UI.

Example: with recon selected from the drop down menu in the UI. You would see small tiles of installed infusions for recon. Like:





The current recon application.

And so on..

And under the current tab currently labeled as infusions have infusions such as: Deauth, random roll, sslsplit, urlsnarf. If I get a chance I will draw up a visual for better explanation.

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