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Boot loop after flashing 2.0.2


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Hi guys just wanted some advice. i recently trying to upgrade firm ware to 2.0.2 after it restarted it keep flashing blue for over and hour, so i reset and factory reset. and its still flashing blue for over an hour. i tried factory 1.0.2 and 2.0.2 some times after i hit the flash now button and after 20 sec i get cant find page. so i try again and it might go through but then i get to the flip dip switches and reboot. so i do and i wait and wait i left it booting over night and when i wake up its still flashing blue WTF did i do wrong pretty frustrated please help

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Did you try the Recovery Web Interface or the Resseting System Defaults? Did you use the SD cards in earlier versions?

I recomend to "Set eveithing to 0" to be sure that everiting it´s ok:

1. Use the Recovery Web Interface (PINS 11110) (factory 1.2) chaging your network configuration (Pineapple = PC/Expensive PC(Mac)=

2. Boot with regular PIN Configuration (PINS 11111). (Pineapple = PC/Expensive PC(Mac)=

3. Format SD card. (Into the Resources Infusion ==> USB Info ==> Format SD Card - (Experimental))

4. Check that all the infusions and services are down.

4. Upgrade to verison 2.0.2

5. Format SD card (Into the Resources Infusion ==> USB Info ==> Format SD Card - (Experimental))

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Start with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZJS6llVslY then do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzPX3VlYGhI

Let me know .

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