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wlan0 locks up sometimes


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Hey guys has anyone experienced this with 2.0.2? I notice sometimes that karma and pineap just stops. Nothing gets populated in the log and nothing can connect. Wasn't sure what the issue was and thought it might have been the ralink usb dongle I was using for wlan2 that was causing issues with the usb and locking it up. So I ICS it with my kali box and start it up again last night. It worked fine without any issues so thought the wlan2 was it so figured I'll ICS it until my alpha arrives. Today it happened again. So I started looking at the logs to see if I can see any problems but didn't see anything. So I tried disabling wlan0, waiting a few seconds and re-enabling it. Lo and behold pineap and karma came to life. So it seems wlan0 locks up somehow after a period of time (the issue is inconsistent but happens multiple times and disabling and re-enabling wlan0 fixes it).

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I'm seeing this too, although it's not specific to the 2.0.x software. My Mark V has been doing this since day one, even with the orignal firmware (1.4?). Usually it will run for several hours before it locks up, so if your primary use case is hanging around the local Starbucks for an hour or two you might not notice. However, I want to run my Pineapple 24/7 as a honeypot, but that's kinda tough when it locks up after 4-6 hours.

I have been rebooting the Pineapple to recover, but it's nice to know I can simply disable/reenable wlan0 to recover. As a workaround until this is fixed I'm going to add a cron job to toggle wlan0 off and on every couple of hours of so.

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