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v2.0.2 Karma tile


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Hi Everybody,

I flashed my WiFi Pineapple with v2.0.2 last night and have been playing with it at work today.

One thing I noticed is that the Karma tile information seems to be duplicated in the PineAP tile.

The Karma Log tab in the Karma tile seems to have reverted back to the "old" style log, no Karma Log Filters option.

Are others seeing this? Is there any need to interact with the Karma tile when everything "Karma" seems to be in the PineAP tile?


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Karma isn't supposed to be on 2.0.2 its a bug in the logic of the pineapple. It see's that the karma infusion has no version number and version 2 (or what ever it is) is greater than nothing so it thinks it needs to be updated and displays in the pineapple. Just don't install it, its useless in 2.x

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