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PineAp recon and multi broadcast of SSIDs


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From my understanding the new firmware offers the ability to collect SSIDs of currently broadcasting APs and shows which clients are connected to them. It also can take those SSIDs and rebroadcast them in order to aid in karma attacks.

My question is this:

Wouldn't it make more sense if the recon section picks up ssids from client side probe request and then offers the ability to rebroadcast them?

I mean if you are sitting at one location you can already determine what APs are around and set the pineapple to rebroadcast those SSIDs.

Gaining SSIDs from clients would allow you to collect SSIDs of APs from other locations and rebroadcast them.

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Cool, thanks for explaining Darren! from my test it seemed like it would only rebroadcast surrounding APs. Myself and the rest of the community is highly grateful for all of yours, Sebs and the rest of the crew's hard work!

Hope your enjoying Defcon!

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