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Scripting Language for Teensy [Ducky Script like clone]


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I created a sort of converter, that converts simple scripting commands to teensy C source.

I've decided to write in Python since its cross-platform, and most *unix/Linux machines come with it installed.

I have decided to do this because some people may already own a teensy, and want what a teensy can do, but sadly dont have the C experience that others may have.

Heres a little screenshot of what gets outputted:


I did not implement a default delay yet, so you have to be a tad bit more careful when executing multiple 'commands' one after the other.

What do you guys think, any questions?

I wanted to say, I know alot of people have done something like this.

so dont be too mad since I decided to do it also :P

I wasnt planning on sharing due to that fact, but I just felt like I had too.

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If anyone is actually looking here, I have another update:

I wrote a quick interpreter, in a separate script, so you dont have to; Open notepad, start writing your script, save, run converter... all that. Instead you just run the interpreter,

and start writing the script in the window and to end your script and save to file start a new line with < and press enter in the terminal/IDLE.

If I decide to I will make it one file where -i starts the interpreter, and -s FILE converts a .txt script

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