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Hey everyone, I don't know if this has been asked before, but what are some good places to read and or watch on pen testing. Obviously HAK5, but are there any good websites or books on the subject. I know someone recommended the book "violent python" for pen testing. Thanks for any information!

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See this thread for a list of books: Can someone help

For Labs (virtualised) as a starter you have DeICEd DVDs, VulnHUB, etc - there are quite a lot out there use google.

This site lists a good number of ones available : http://m4g1c5t0rm.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/pentest-lab-hacker-training.html

Courses: I like people to do OSCP (Pentesting with Kali, by Offensive Security), its a good starting point.

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Guest spazi

Search for books about hacking on amazon. Most of the high ranked ones are great!

Depends what you are into, but I can recommend that :)

Another book for people starting out is "the hacker playbook" nice and easy book not going in to too much detail.

I actually liked that book a lot :)

And violent python is just awesome!

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