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looking for pineapple mark V or IV [netherlands or close]


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This is my first post here.

I heard the pineapple mark V is great and I want to try it.

The problem is you can only buy it at America :(

So my question is.

Does somebody sell it second-hand in the Netherlands or somewere near the Netherlands?

If you have one pls reply to this topic

Thanks in advance


( Mark IV is Also good)

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Up until last month it was fine to order online from them and get stuff shipped to .nl - you simply have to place a space between the numbers and the letters in the zipcode.

PM me if you need additional help.

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Taxes, schmaxes. It's 99 bucks US which is 73 euro in real money. At its worst you stand to pay a 20% import tax which brings it right back up to around the 90 euro mark. You can do worse.

The real shafting you get is from the courier. FedEX, DHL, they're all scum that have made an art of bending you over the table with your pants on your ankles AND asking a staggering amount of money for the privillege.

The cheapo way to go is with USPS. Only problem there is that it'll take a while to get to you.

Last remaining alternative is the one you suggested: wait it out and home someone will be willing to sell and send you theirs. It'll still cost you in shipping and if sent from outside the EU you also still get to pay the import taxes.

Good luck!

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In total you will pay around 33 euro only for taxes and shipping.

in total making it around 130 euro. (seems a little much)

and as a student I can afford it, but If I can get it somewere cheaper then that is my choise :P

So if somebody has it somewere in euro (so no taxes :D )
contact me :)

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