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Fun with .bat files

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Hey guys and gals.

So at work, I'm noticing a lot of little programs that I find running all the time. But with the way the corporate image is, I can't deploy the duck easily for this (Bummer!!) so I've decided to go basic and creat a .bat menu screen for the user that can be accessed via the intranet. The main program calls smaller programs into the same window.

I'm a little rusty with my .DOS, what I'm trying to do are a few different things:

- I have a .ps1 powershell script I want to execute via the menu screen , but I'm not sure where I'm going wrong because it just dies immediately. I'm calling the following:



Start powershell GetComputerISE.PS1


(Running all from my jump drive , h:\, until it's ready for full deployment)

- is there a way I can minimize the file handling (say with C you can just make a method of these other programs and call the method) , or can I even upload these smaller programs to Dropbox and call it through the URL?

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I recommend handling everything from a VBScript. VBScript (NOT Visual Basic, or VB.NET) is a great way for handling things across multiple computers. You can even create a group policy on a network and it will deploy your script universally across a network.

Have a look at my previous post about gathering network info. Use examples of this when creating your own scripts.



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