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Stuck on the setup phase


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I forgot my root password so I factory reset the device.
Now I navigate to, to get the [First Screen]

Welcome to your WiFi Pineapple.
Find support, infusions, news and forums at WiFiPineapple.com.

I click continue and it takes me to a page to set a new password.

After I set the new password, this screen shows up:

Password set successfullyThe system is now completing the setup.
Please wait while the system restarts.
For best performance you are advised to format the Micro SD card ext4. To do so click Resouces then USB Info then Format SD Card.
Then a "Finish" button appears. I click it and then it takes me back to the first screen. It asks me to enter a new password again.
I never managed to have it save the password and operate normally. All the DIPS are up but the device never moves away from the setup phase!
Any advise?
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