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  1. RT @honorary_bot: Released an initial version of SDK for PulseDbg https://t.co/OYILjhl9t6 Who knows, might be useful for you ;)

  2. @ilfak Yes exactly, I will get to that once I learn enough.

  3. @ReneFreingruber Fun find. If I knew about this earlier, I would have mentioned it in my #Batchography book ;)

  4. Year 2049: Amazon Prime free 2-days delivery to your apartment on the moon base?

  5. @bcrypt The trick I guess is to stop trying (for a while, get your mind of it) to guess lest you build new muscle m… https://t.co/uzw8pXiBFw

  6. Here's the walkthrough for the LichKing CTF challenge I posted a while back: https://t.co/Jgi3ztLGBX. Contains lots… https://t.co/DDD3E84ICP

  7. @deddebme @angealbertini That's what I mean: https://t.co/adoodCMLfj

  8. @deddebme @angealbertini Good that you noticed Alfred. I have been using Source Insight since 2008 now (at least).… https://t.co/ILxeAPd4cG

  9. @manizzler @msuiche AFAIK, Skype is allowed for VoIP though...

  10. RT @StarCraft: StarCraft 2 is going Free to Play! Campaign: Wings of Liberty Free Commanders: Free to lvl 5 Ranked: Free Unlock ? https://…

  11. RT @xoreaxeaxeax: new project: sandsifter x86 processor fuzzer; exposes hidden instructions in x86; https://t.co/pefTtuHt88 https://t.co/k6…

  12. @mattifestation yep. I wrote it myself and it helped me a lot at the task at hand.

  13. @mattifestation Check this out: https://t.co/qNFHh5h4Tr

  14. @mattifestation check chapter 4 of https://t.co/ElS6w5LJiN it will ease the scripting pain.

  15. RT @allowe: Hot blonde: "Doc, my memory's shot. I can't remember anything!" Dr.: "Just take off all your clothes and lie down. I'll see wha…

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