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Confused on internet connection

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So I am confused on how to get the pineapple connect to an access point and mitm that network such as arp spoofing. I have tried via client mode and it connects but does not receive internet. Also I am confused about doing wifi honeypot attack with the pineapple because it looks like for it to have internet connection it needs to be either tether through my laptop or plugged in from another router. But, if it needs my laptop, why wouldn't I just use my laptop for the mitm attacks? I am just confused on the attacks work on the pineapple that require internet connection. I understand karma looks at probes to see what other devices are trying to connect to and how mitm attacks work. I don't understand how the pineapple is suppose to connect to the internet? Are there any posts or articles I should read, I have tried searching by but queries don't seem to bring me to relative results.

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