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  1. I do not claim to be an expert in the Signal Owl, Linux, scripting, etc; but hope that someone will be able to find this information helpful. There are multiple ways to accomplish some tasks. The commands listed below are what I used to get my Signal Owl up and running with a simple payload (first one was WiFi Connect). First, I highly recommend everyone check out Darren's Signal Owl - Getting Started video. It's very helpful to understand the Signal Owl setup and most important (for me) the LED sequence and when to push the button for Arming Mode. I've seen several posts which
  2. I've not had any luck with the Signal Owl mounting a USB drive since following the initial setup instructions. To get payloads in place, I've been using the PSFTP utility to connect to the Owl. This method isn't likely going to help you since need to re-flash the firmware. Plan to test out the USB drive more this weekend. Keep the info coming so we can continue to learn from each other. 🙂
  3. I find that it wasn't necessary to have the /root/payload/extensions/wifi_connect.sh file rename to WIFI_CONNECT.sh. This file creates a WIFI_CONNECT function and exports this function for the payload during the session. For me, a key step was making the following files executable. /root/payload/payload.txt /root/payload/extensions/wifi_connect.sh <-- Used with the WiFi-Connect payload On a slightly different note, I also found the USB port would extend to a USB hub which should allow additional devices (SDR, GPS, etc) to be connected. You provided good information w
  4. I made a mistake when posting my comment. I would seem I probably shouldn't post with it's nearly 1AM. ? When gathering SSIDs for the pool I use the 'Deny' filter (I originally stated 'Allow'). My 'Deny' filter is usually empty which allows the Pineapple to add any new SSIDs. encountered.
  5. If you are attempting to add SSIDs to the pool, the filter needs to be set to 'Deny'. If set to 'Allow', only SSIDs with matching MAC Addresses will be allowed to connect, this would include adding the SSID pool. At least that's my understanding of how it should work. I have mine set to 'Deny' when gathering SSIDs for the pool which has been working fine. WiFi Pineapple Wiki
  6. It would probably help to have a bit more information. What OS are you using? IP Address of the client from which you are attempting to connect to the Pineapple? Which web browser are you using? etc....
  7. There a several videos in the WiFi Pineapple University along with the WiFi Pineapple WiKi which may be helpful. Additionally, there's the WiFi Pineapple booklet (a printed version should have been included with your Pineapple) which information about Internet Connection Sharing configuration.
  8. Shmigsy, Since you are using a Windows PC, perhaps this video will be helpful. Windows Internet Connection Sharing - WiFi Pineapple Mark V - Pineapple University Additionally, it may be better to work with the Pineapple in stages to gain more familiarity with it's functionality and how WiFi functions. Sample Stages: Stage 1 - Connect via Ethernet. Navigate WiFi Pineapple interfaces to become familiar with the stock functionality. Stage 2 - Connect via Ethernet. Configure Windows to share Internet access with WiFi Pineapple. Use a device from WiFi lab (laptop, iPod, tablet, etc) to co
  9. Successfully updated last night. Wasn't able to get the update through the web interface but the manual instructions worked perfectly. Looks like a great update and looking forward to working with the new features! Thumbs up!! :)
  10. I picked up a SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 UHS Memory Card for use with the Pineapple. So far it was working great.
  11. In my opinion, It would be best to get permission in writing before doing anything.
  12. The WiFi Manager infusion should be able to help by providing additional options to manage WiFi (choose to broadcast or hide SSID, AP or client, etc). Once you have the infusion installed, it should show up as a tile on the WiFi Pineapple management page.
  13. Sounds like it may be a routing issue. What flavor of Linux are you using? What is the result of the 'route' command?
  14. I've gotten the red light when I forgot to put the SC card into the Ducky. Assuming you've attempted to adjust the SD card?
  15. PowerShell scripts end with a .PS1 extension. The PowerShell ISE editor is normally the default editor but I imagine you can use your editor of choice. I don't believe the code would need to be run through Visual Studio.
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