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WiFi Pineapple Project Update 5/22/2014

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Hey guys, I feel I should be making these a bit more frequently to give you all a heads up on what's going on in the world of the WiFi Pineapple. A lot of exciting stuff in the works. In no particular order:

- Seb has been working tirelessly on some pretty fantastic new features we hope to debut by DEFCON. On the way there we've released firmware 1.4.0 which I'm absolutely loving for its speed and karma filters and networking features.

- I've kicked off a mobile broadband series on Pineapple University and am looking to add many more videos soon. We'll likely need to give uni.wifipineapple.com some love as well.

- Coupled with the mobile broadband video series I've updated the wiki with a page containing known working modems. Check it out at wifipineapple.com/modems and please contribute if you have a working configuration.

- I'm testing more modems from various carriers here in the US and hope to find something unlocked and readily available which we can call our "gold standard modem"

- An update to the Network tile changes the mobile broadband configuration tab to include drop-downs for common config variable. This should simplify the modem setup process.

- A build guide with source to the modified openwrt from which we develop the pineapple has been posted to the wiki allowing you to compile your own sysupgrade file or cross-compile binaries compatible with the mk5 architecture.

- We have client mode adapters on the way which we'll make available as soon as it gets here at cost in the hakshop. Cheap hardware, w00t.

- Continued pineapple drone research. Looking forward to recording the next set in our series on autonomous flight and dreaming up possibilities for a wifi pineapple enabled flight controller.

- The HDK is still in the works with all efforts at getting it here in time for defcon. We're also working on a guide leading up to the arduino based HDK which will document how to interface with the expansion bus headers.

- Migration of main wifipineapple.com site from dedicated server to Amazon finished. Scaling is pretty sweet. No more service interruptions!!!

- Contemplating a dinosaur related code name for the next release =)

As always super excited about the development and proud of this community. Thanks for making the WiFi Pineapple what it is.

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