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Booting Kali From USB HDD - Raspberry Pi?


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yea ive gotten that far. I have 2 partitions on HDD.

1 for the file system /dev/sdb1 (950GB) and another for the Linux swap /dev/sdb2 (15GB).

the Rpi image of Kali doesn't have a /boot/conifg.txt so ive been trying every tutorial ive seen online

and haven't had any luck.

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Depending on how the RPi boots, you might have to keep the main files on the hard-drive, with the SD card holding the bootloader, using the rest as swap.

Did you create those partitions by hand, or did you do something like:

dd if=kali-pi.img of=/dev/sdb bs=512k

Where sdb is your usb hdd.

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Alright I'm waiting on /dev/sdb1 (HDD Partition) to finish the resize2fs function and fill the entire HDD with the Kali file system and then all I have left is to work on the fstab & to edit the boot cmdline.txt.. I know the RPi Kali image doesn't have a working cmdline.txt so can anyone point me in the right direction with info on making this work?

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