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here is what my karma report says (picture Attached)

i was wondering if they are connected then how come i cant see their traffic. none of them are connected to my SSID is that why i cant see their traffic?

when someone actually connects to my AP i can see their traffic using SSLSTRIP. But right now i don't see anything on SSLSTRIP.

I am confused ... can someone please help me?



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I don't understand what exactly you're asking.

I'm sorry if this is not clear.. i am doing a project for college. when i turned on karma it picked up my friends information shown above.

I am just trying to understand ..... so the picture i posted means that they are connected to my Pineapple? are they using my internet from my Pineapple's AP?

And if they are using my internet from my pineapple's AP then how come i cant see anything on SSLSTRIP?

Under the SSID section in the picture do they have to be connected to my SSID for SSLSTRIP to be working properly?

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sslstrip wont get data from apps like facebook or twitter you have to use a browser

ok thanks for the info :)

but i still wondering about the other questions that i posted

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i will try to explane

when karma gets a client connected to it it adds it to that page your pic

unfortionally it dosent show disconnected so run nmap to find out if there still connected

i use my android tablet to connect to the pineapple ui and when i am not sure i run zanti or dsploit to see whats connected (nmap)

once there connected any webpage https data will be stripped into http and you will see data moving

you can also capture the data using tcpdump infusion

i set my customlog to /var/dhcp.leases so the small tile shóws connected ip's but not disconnected

i hope that helps

there is a ton of info in the forum read as much as you can

if that dosent help try asking again try to be a bit more clear

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