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Best lightweight battery for Mark V on a drone?


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Hi *,

I'm following these forums for a while but today it's my first post! For research purposes (of course), I'm setting up a drone + pineapple for easy packets sniffing. I already saw some Hak5 vids with Darren playing with the same kind of setup.

My question is: what's the best way to power the Pineapple? In the last vid (Tracking aircrafts), the drone has a small extra battery but it's difficult to see which model?

It should be possible to power the Pineapple using the drone battery (delivering 11.6V) by connecting drone + Pineapple in // but Lipo batteries are very sensible and I'd be sure to avoid fire (ex: does the Pineapple has a builtin fuse?)

Thanks for your input / sharing experiences.


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Hi, using the drone batterie would introduce a lot of electrical noise in the Pineapple and the SDR which is really bad for RF application.

Since drone flight time is pretty limited, pretty mutch any battery size will do, look for a Lipo 3S 300mAh~1000mAh


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