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  1. Tx for the suggestion... Starting with a 1000mAh, any idea about the autonomy? (Mark V + USB-3G stick) /x
  2. Hi *, I'm following these forums for a while but today it's my first post! For research purposes (of course), I'm setting up a drone + pineapple for easy packets sniffing. I already saw some Hak5 vids with Darren playing with the same kind of setup. My question is: what's the best way to power the Pineapple? In the last vid (Tracking aircrafts), the drone has a small extra battery but it's difficult to see which model? It should be possible to power the Pineapple using the drone battery (delivering 11.6V) by connecting drone + Pineapple in // but Lipo batteries are very sensible and I'd be sure to avoid fire (ex: does the Pineapple has a builtin fuse?) Thanks for your input / sharing experiences. /x
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