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Not sure if im going to explain this right, but here goes.......

At home I have my Routers AP with an SSID of HOME_WIFI with WPA-PSK. My family's devices quite happily connect to it once in range. I give my MKV the same SSID as my home router of HOME_WIFI, how can I get them to connect to the MKV rather than the home router? This would obviously give them the illusion that they are still connected the home router!

Is it just a simple case of using Jammer and attack the home router, or is there a infusion to do this?


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As far as I'm aware, you cannot do this - otherwise Karma would work with protected APs as well.

A better solution would be connect the Mark V to HOME_WIFI and use arpspoof to spoof the ARP requests to the router to the pineapple. This is the old way of performing MITM attacks.

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