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Good news for Gqrx and Debian.

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Gqrx has moved into Debian Testing so it should be available soon in Debian package managers for download. This should mean that I 'll be able to go into Synaptic, type in "Gqrx" and have it come up for install, no more fuss, no more muss. Can't hardly wait. Good News, Good News.

Also, just to add to this. Synaptic in Kali has Gqrx, Snyaptic in SolydX doesn't. I know they pull from different Repos so my question is, which Kali Repo has the Gqrx in it so I can add it to sources.list and update my packages to pull it into my SolydX install?

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Can't you just get it from the Launchpad page?


If you have luck with the tar.gz. I've had zero luck with doing that and I'm even having trouble with .deb packages too. I installed 16 .deb packages to get all the dependencies for gqrx last night and it stil won't run. I've even put the Kali Repos into my SolydX sources.list and even fixed the Public Key for Kali and I'm still having trouble with osmo and a couple other things not being installed. It's a big ol' cluster frick and for me right now the ONLY way to get my Gqrx on is to install Kali and run with it. I really wish I didn't have to go that route because of all teh other stuff that Kali has that I don't need that only takes up hard drive space but ya' got to do what ya' got to do.

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Ok, just to add to this thread. On April 15th Debian Testing will get Gqrx so anyone running a Distro that's based on Debian Testing like SolydX can simply download Gqrx(and hopefully all of the Dependencies) using Synaptic Package Manager. Thank God, my prayers have been answered. I can move from Kali and all that "extra" drive filling stuff that I don't use to SolydX and still get my SDR on. WooooHooooo. :lol:

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I find it funny that today they announce they'll be doing something 3 weeks from now. And that's their "Testing" release. Most distro's would just dump it in and let the community take it from there.

Oh well. Whatever works.

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Either way come April 15th I'll be able to dump Kali and move to SolydX completely and still get my SDR/Gqrx on while not taking up extra drive space with all those little "extras" that Kali has that I don't really need. ;)

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Quick update. Gqrx for SDR is now available in Debian Testing Repos. There's no GUI like there is in Kali BUT you can still go into Terminal and type in "gqrx" and it'll bring it up after install from Synaptic(or whatever package manager you're using) and then you'll have all that Gqrx SDR goodness in any Debian Testing install that you're running.

Good bye Kali, Hello Point Linux 3.0b1. Looks like I'll be saving some of my SSD space.

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We still have to add the source to sources.list then do your aptitude command

aptitude update

you might need apt-file not sure.

first install librtl0


Pick which architecture you have and open that folder to get the sources


pick a ftp server closest to you

This is assuming you have debian 7.5.0 LXDE

You might get a boot warning saying similar to gqrx invalid rules. I am investigating how to fix it.

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