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Before I installed my graphics card drivers, I was running Areo and Glass on my computer under Vista RC1. It ran exceptionaly well, and was much smoother then just running the normal theme. However, after I installed the said drivers, I could no longer go into the properties menu and choose the glass theme for the windows - it's just no there anymore.

Any help at all would be great.


Pentium D 805

512 DDR2 RAM

GeForce 6600


I have tried the 'Vista Tweak' app, but again the choice to set the windows to 'glass' isn't in the properties menu.

EDIT: Tried to download the 'Longhorn Display Driver Model (LDDM)' from NVIDIA but when it goes through the install process it says that it doesn't see any drivers that are compatable with my hardware :/

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Downgrade to the previous driver version?

Why did you have to upgrade in the first place? Some program having issues, or are you afraid you're going to miss out on that 0.00000326% performance boost that that latest version will bring?

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