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Funny airplane tracking example


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In light if Hak5 episode 1525 you could've been in for a treat if you had things setup to track flights near the Netherlands today.

There's currently the Nuclear Security Summit going on (yawn) with a huge number of government leaders in attendance, so security is, by dutch standards at least, rediculously high.

One of the rules in place for the duration of the conference is that if you want to fly an airplane into dutch airspace, you should've announced/registered it well in advance. And of course, one airplane didn't so it got a nice little detour to Frankfurt under escort of two F16 fighter jets.

Here's where you can see how the airplane went.


And if you had the SDR thing working you could've even tracked this airplane yourself. Good stuff.

Since the plane just landed, here's an image showing the flight path as the plane was guided around and away from Amsterdam.

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