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Having just had the 'pleasure' of informing a system architect that storing some RTFs in a database (system requirement) and presenting that RTF in editable format on a website by using, of all things, OpenOffice as a two-way conversion tool :huh: , a coworker pointed me at http://lmgtfy.com (let me google that for you). I didn't know about that one, but it's HILARIOUS. You enter the google query and it generates a link for you. You send that link to the person that needs to be informed and an animation plays showing how you're supposed to input that query into google and hit search, followed by the question "Was that really so difficult?" (my own translation of the dutch text, actual text may differ, ask billpayer for permission, yadda yadda yadda) before redirecting the individual to google with that actual query.

So, my question for you is, when you encounter mind shattering stupidity from someone you can't simply ignore, what do you do to both inform and put down?

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