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Uploading files with post


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Hi All

I have just tried to upload a PDF file with a post, even thou it was under the limit, it came back as a non supported file format.

what file formats are supported when attaching to posts.


what method of uploading images into post is supported, tried my photobucket account, but again, not supported


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PDF files can contain malware, so some sites prevent them as file attachments and only allow specific file types, ie: jpg, png, gif, and txt. If you need to share a PDF, put it in on a third party site and link to it - or - save it as a text document and put it on pastebin and link to it. You can also use google docs and the google docs viewer to link to it for safe viewing as html, you just need to upload it somewhere first and then generate a link with https://docs.google.com/viewer

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