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Anyone play Diablo III? [Join a Clan]


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I see that this area of the forums isn't super active, but I'll throw this out there anyways.

I'm super stoked about the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3. If you have the game, and don't play anymore, I'd highly encourage you to pick it back up again. This expansion (and the patch that just prepared for it) have changed so much about the game, and it's really all good, which is not something I get to say often with Blizzard games lol.

I play with my wife, and 1 or 2 friends, and with the new "Clan" feature in the recent patch, we've created our own little group. We're not a public clan in that we don't go trolling the diablospace for members, but if anyone here is down to play with some laid back people from the community, post your username here and I'll add you / invite you to the clan.

Clan name is "No AFK For The Wicked"

Hit me up with your ID.

(Note: We play on the "Americas" servers)

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That's true about the loot. It's annoying that after the patch (not even the expansion) I'm finding yellows to replace my previously top tier set and unique pieces. Pretty stoked to try the crusader, though it looks like they just put a new spin/lore on the old paladins. I suppose that can be cool, but I'm a huge paladin fan so I'd almost rather have had that haha.

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