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  1. I have to agree with Lost In Cyberia here. Not to point fingers at all, I think everything said here thus far has been fairly mild, but it does feel elitist. It's understandable to an extent given our general passion for learning how things work, but not everyone has that, and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. The fact is that the Microsoft+Apple "Hey look it's a computer and it works" model is appropriate for 80% of end users. Of course, if someone wants to break outside that mold and use something different, I agree with you, they should learn much more. We can extol the virtues of Linux customization all day, but from most people you'll get blank stares, because really they don't care. What they have works, and they don't need much more from it. Let them have their tainted cool-aid. :D
  2. Well, you're not buying anything illegal lol, and unless you intend to do lots of evil things with it I would think it shouldn't matter.
  3. That's true about the loot. It's annoying that after the patch (not even the expansion) I'm finding yellows to replace my previously top tier set and unique pieces. Pretty stoked to try the crusader, though it looks like they just put a new spin/lore on the old paladins. I suppose that can be cool, but I'm a huge paladin fan so I'd almost rather have had that haha.
  4. Nice, I'm loving the changes thus far. What class(es) do you mainly play, and how are you liking it?
  5. I've never used Bully, I'll check it out. I'd be interested to see a bash script for something like that, just to have a frame of reference for how to go about making my own.
  6. I see that this area of the forums isn't super active, but I'll throw this out there anyways. I'm super stoked about the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3. If you have the game, and don't play anymore, I'd highly encourage you to pick it back up again. This expansion (and the patch that just prepared for it) have changed so much about the game, and it's really all good, which is not something I get to say often with Blizzard games lol. I play with my wife, and 1 or 2 friends, and with the new "Clan" feature in the recent patch, we've created our own little group. We're not a public clan in that we don't go trolling the diablospace for members, but if anyone here is down to play with some laid back people from the community, post your username here and I'll add you / invite you to the clan. Clan name is "No AFK For The Wicked" Hit me up with your ID. (Note: We play on the "Americas" servers)
  7. Hmm that would be an interesting little tool to work on my scripting ha ha. I did, after a good few hours of attempts, change my MAC just to try it out. No particular reason at the time, this is all for education after all so I figured why not. I didn't notice any increase in speed or performance change at all. Are you suggesting that it's a sort of MAC blacklisting or limiting based on the number of sequential attempts? If that's the case yeah I can see why that would be a problem, and one MAC change wouldn't necessarily help. Of course like you said, it could just be the AP, and there's not much I can do. Good stuff though, thanks for the response. Going to see now if I can make Python do what I tell it to. (Not likely =p)
  8. Thanks for the response fernandoblazin. I am using --dh-small, seem to get about the same speeds whether I use it or not. I understand the concept of what it's supposed to do, so I know that doesn't make sense, but it's what I'm seeing. Also with removing the attempt delay altogether, I'd think that would lock me out of an AP much faster. I suppose if I had an AP that wasn't limiting rates at all it would be really nice, but one of my concerns is trying to avoid those timeouts of 60 seconds or more, which clearly slow things down quite a bit. I've tried even increasing the delay between attempts to a few seconds to try and circumvent that measure, but it seems that no matter what I do I get that "warning detected ap rate limiting waiting 60 seconds before re-checking" message that really bogs things down. Even if some measure I used increased the actual pin cracking time, if I could avoid that it'd speed me up in the long run. :D
  9. I'm by no means a pro, but wireless juju is the realm of hacking that appeals to me the most, and it's what I've spent the most time toying with. I have some questions regarding Reaver. I HAVE been using it successfully, but as with any computer geek/gamer, I want it to go faster. =) Basically I'm trying to better understand exactly what factors affect the speed that Reaver attempts to crack WPS pins at. I know the obvious one, signal strength. Being further away from the AP, crappy wireless receivers and such will degrade the signal and make it more difficult to communicate. What I'm wondering is if that's all there is, or if there's a hardware component involved. On the surface, I'd think not, since it's a fairly small list of possible pins (when compared to the colossally more massive brute forcing of other types of passwords and keys), and it's going through them one by one. But like I said, I'm not an expert, so I figured I'd ask here and see if we can start a discussion about ways to optimize Reaver. I've read up a bit on toying with your options based on what types of security measures or limits might be in place on the router, causing timeouts and lockouts of course, still trying to get a grasp on what all is available there though. 1. Is there any real hardware component that affects reaver speeds at all? 2. Is there a base signal strength that is the "minimum" to even attempt? Or recommended? (for obvious cases when you can't physically sit on top of the AP) 3. Optimal recommendations for wireless adapters/antennae? Primarily in regards to speed, but also distance. (I currently use this [http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA3NY18R7732] but with a 9dBi omni.] 4. I know next to nothing about the advanced options in Reaver, any basic suggestions? (Obviously I can and will be researching and learning this on my own, so if you're one of those people who gets pissed off at anyone asking for info that can be found elsewhere, kindly ignore this portion, just trying to get peer feedback aside from a static web tutorial) Thanks for taking the time to read this, I've been a lurker here for about 2 years, and I'm trying my best to learn more and hope to become more active. =)
  10. I might be interested. What kind of condition is it all in? A picture would be nice. :D
  11. This is one of the funniest things I've read in a while lol. Just dreading the day that my kids are old enough to try and sneak around me like that. glhf right? lol
  12. VERY interesting project. I think it's awesome, talk about a major DIY'r. Though I don't like the open board, I'd make some type of plexiglass cover or something, so it was still visible but protected a bit more. Other than that I love it! I may even try and do something like this myself just for fun.... =p Thanks again Hak5 Forums for another cool idea.
  13. Don't get me wrong here, I do realise that C will be an important language for me, and likely the one that I will tackle next, or a little later. I think the best way I've seen it put yet was when digip said The reason being, this really is the first time that trying to learn programming in any form, isn't a tedious chore to me. Not to say that it'll all just be fun, but I think from what I've seen and heard it'll end up being the best way for me to break into things, and leave this noobish state behind haha.
  14. Well those are both very encouraging answers. Thanks for the insight, I guess this is going to be more beneficial than I thought. Also thanks for the link to that other page, looks like a lot of good info there that I'll be taking advantage of. Any other advice is always welcome.
  15. So I want to preface this by saying... I'm really only doing this because I find it fun, not because I think it's going to be a serious part of my career path. But here's where I'm at. I am really pretty new when it comes to any advanced computing topics. Anything I do know, I learned by figuring it out myself, browsing for free tutorials and courses, and bugging the pros for information =). I admit that I'm considered a script kiddie when it comes to hacking, but I do everything I do to try and learn how it works, while seeing what it can do (in a totally legitimate and legal way to be clear). I have really been wanting to get into programming, not as a career, but to suppliment my skills as a future security proffessional. I started trying to learn C, Java, Python... all on my own, based on different recommendations. All the free resources I could find out there were confusing, dry, and difficult for me to grasp as a zero experience beginner. Then I stumbled upon the Hak5 episode where they reviewed www.Codeacademy.com, as well as some other resources. Just to try it out I jumped on and started their beginner Javascript course, and absolutely loved it. Not only is it easy to understand, the format they use for teaching just works, and is alot of fun. Frankly I never expected to feel that way about programming of all things. I've continued it and I'm now going through their intermediate focus courses. Here's my question. How useful is Javascript? I've heard some rather negative things about it, and I just want to get some of your opinions. Like I said at the beginning, I'm doing it anyways, because I finally get it, and it's working/fun. I do still intend to start learning some more useful and low level languages like C and possibly Python, just trying to guage how helpful Javascript is going to be in reguards to learning other languages, and what it can be used for in general. Also, say I do develop a proficieny, and want to move on to something else, where should I start? Thanks for always being helpful by the way Hak5 community. I haven't posted much but I've gleaned much knowledge and had a lot of questions answered just by reading others posts. =) -Nick
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