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Hi every body i haved this communiting to fillup my hak and modding hunger, i have looked everywhere for a community that could support me in my projects and its here i find it afterbrowsing some post i found out that u where the most helpful web community i had ever seen.... hope you will fill my needs.

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well I want the try out the hak 5 usb hacks and i want to mod my pc so its totally overclocked and add things that are like opening you room lights with your computer stuff like that
Well, overclocking isn't all that hard, but some precautiionaries must be taken.

1 - Sufficient cooling. This generally means no stock HSF, and some good intake and outake.

2 - Know what your doing.

3 - Go slowly!

4 - Check your temps! Let everything idle for a few hours, check the temps. After, run StressPrime 2004. Let that run for 30 - 60mins. Check the temps.

5 - OCing depends on RAM. You wont be able to overclock well with a couple of stick of DDR333.

Those are the precautionaries. I just woke up and don't feel like explaining everything else.

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