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Unable to get pineapple to 'install to usb' after correct formatting


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Hi guys,

I bought a new USB specially for the wifi pineapple (MKV), I followed a tutorial on formatting it to ext4. (I used backtrack r5; unable to make 2 partitions) and it shows up on my pineapple:

Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted onrootfs                    4.1M    452.0K      3.6M  11% //dev/root                11.0M     11.0M         0 100% /romtmpfs                    30.2M    116.0K     30.1M   0% /tmptmpfs                   512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev/dev/mtdblock3            4.1M    452.0K      3.6M  11% /overlayoverlayfs:/overlay        4.1M    452.0K      3.6M  11% //dev/sdb1                14.4G    344.9M     13.3G   2% /mnt/sdb1

However, when I go to the pineapple bar, I am only able to Install to internal storage.

I saw on some old youtube video that you also needed to edit the FStab configuration. I must have mucked it up there:

config global automount
option from_fstab 1
option anon_mount 1

config global autoswap
option from_fstab 1
option anon_swap 0

config mount
option target /sd
option device /dev/sdcard/sd1
option fstype auto
option options rw,sync
option enabled 1
option enabled_fsck 0

config swap
option device /dev/sdb1
option enabled 1

Anyone got any ideas on what to type in, presumably in the 'option device' field?

Thanks ever so much in advance,


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I have also tried doing it via this way: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25882-how-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-with-swap-partition/page-3. When I go to resources it sees the usb drive, however when I try to do the swap it says the device is busy. When I unmount the device I sometimes manage to perform the swap but nothing happens (I use PuTTY to do this, seeing as we can't execute commands the same way as for the MIV). Is the proces different for the MarkV than for the Mark IV?

Is it possible the fact that it is a kingston 16 gb usb makes it impossible to let it work? Is it only possible to do with a Sandisk Cruzer 4 gb?

Really love to have some help here, as I need to storage for SSL stripping.

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I'm confused as to why you bought a USB stick for this.

We only support the SD card for infusions (and lots of other things).

USB would be used for extra user storage such as you moving files back and forth between your machine and the pineapple..

Also, you can still execute commands just like you could on the MK4..

Best regards,


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Sorry Sebkinne, I am a real noob to all this, I confess to that. I am thankful of your time.

I don't understand though: he is clearly using his USB to install his infusions. EDIT: apparently I can't link to sites --> this is a screenshot.


How do you issue commands like with the MK4? I have not seen such a possibility under any of the tiles.

Gonna buy myself a micro SD then hehe, the reason I got the USB was the above link.

Just to get things straight for myself, and again, I apologize sincerely for my incompetence: if you were to use the SSLstrip it would first log it to the SD card and then by swapping you would send the information to the USB drive, is that correct? Or does it automatically store it to the USB drive and then you can insert your USB to the computer to check out the logs in linux?

Again sorry,

Thanks for your time,


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