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Who here uses PGP?


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i think it's really important to protect your privacy.

I use PGP and usually sign all of my emails, if for no other reason than to let people i send email to know that i use pgp.

People always say things like, "oh, i'm not a terrorist, i have nothing to hide" i personally think that argument is really stupid

If you don't use pgp, may i recommend www.gnupg.org or an email client that has integrated support for it, or even something like the KDE utility (Kgpg i think) which is a nice little utility that lets you use gpg without having to go to the shell. There is a similar utility for windows users.

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I sign (& encrypt) with the few people I know that have use PGP, not because I am trying to hide something, but just because I don't feel like having someone read my mail. It should be a default for everyone (it's not like the calculations are that demanding on the CPU), but almost no one supports. If you use outlook you have to copy the text an use WinPT--it's not a one step thing. Enigmail is great, but too few people use Thunderbird. You think people would be more interested in securing their communications, especially since it could cost them their job.

But that's a good idea, I'm going to start signing all my messages, and when people ask me what that is, I'll tell how to get gpg going.

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