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Duckyscript on a teensy? (3.1)


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I read around the forum and it seems people are saying that getting the full functionality of the Rubber Ducky, on a Teensy may not be possible.

Mostly because the Ducky needs certain hardware to work like it does.

So, the main reason I want the Ducky is because I prefer not to type out:

Keyboard.print or Keyboard.println();

I know that may sound lazy, and truthfully.....

I am a little maybe.

It would be just so much easier to do :

STRING "HI" (I think thats what it is with Duckyscript.

So, what about a way to just get something like Duckyscript on a Teensy?

(If its possible, that'd be great especially since I'd get to keep the speed of the Teensy, but have the advantage of typing about a 1/3 the coding/scripting.

Anyone know anything?

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Well, that would call for building your own compiler to write scripts as beautifully simplistic as duckyscript, and even then you would need to make sure that your teensy was compatible with other systems. Just support Hak5 and use their ducks.

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I am already thinking about buying it.

Without a job dont have alot of other things I could buy.

So the Ducky it is.

The only thing I dislike is its speed. Again.

I could pretty well see what its typing in the videos.

But the teensy literally makes it seem like the words are just appearing.

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