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Importing to UK


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I wonder if any of you have come across this before, I was looking at purchasing a Wifi Pineapple and a few other items.

One of my colleagues mentioned that such an item would be a restricted dual-use item covered under: https://www.gov.uk/export-of-cryptographic-items

Has anyone had to deal with this?


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First of all, that article is about exporting from the UK.

While the US has the same laws, we have the correct qualifications / our encryption methods are all openly available.

It would be more difficult if we created our own type of encryption and sold it along with the WiFi Pineapple MKV.

Saying that, there are some countries in the world we are not allowed to (or choose not) sell to.

Either way, it's all legal and you can import without any issues to the UK. You might have to pay import tax on it, but that's not specific to the Pineapple.

Best regards,

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