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Passive tap on http


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Would a setup like this work in theory?

Original setup


Hack setup




The Pineapple has Apache, listening to *:80

.htaccess ports all requests to dump.php

dump.php script captures all $_REQUEST (this includes _POST of course) and dumps them in a textfile

Will this do what it's supposed to do; get a dump of all outgoing http requests to any host (~browser url bar content including form submissions)?

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The tap is a passive device which will give you a copy of all the network traffic but you can't interact with it. You can't complete TCP handshakes so tools that interact with traffic,such as Apache, won't work.

What you need is to bring the two feeds together into a bridged interface then run something to extract HTTP traffic and pull out the information you want. There are tools which will do this but can't remember any names off the top of my head.

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I think you didn't understand the bridge comment, you bridge the two interfaces that come out of the tap to give you a single feed, otherwise you see two interfaces, one going one direction and one the other.

Capturing traffic with tcpdump and a filter will get you the pcap which you can then post-process.

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I do understand bridging concept - but I rather stay working with 1 cable and 1 physical interface if possible.

I don't need anything from the destination server, I only need the outgoing http requests from the source client.

I'm interested in the visited urls and the form post from the browser. I'm not interested in the stuff the webserver returns.

Therefore I thought that my initial apache setup would have done the trick. If Apache needs to do some handshaking before accepting a request, of course that path won't work.

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