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  1. Rediscovered the good ol' MK4 in a box at the attic! Now I'd like to configure the wired connection as a bridge to eventually perform tcpdump on it. I'll also need to ssh into the box so I thought to use the wlan as AP. lan0 and lan1 bridged as bridge0 wlan0 as `AP` with dhcp - completely seperated from lan0 and lan1 I've tried the config below but it doesn't work leaving the whole system unreachable. Any ideas and pointers? Thanks in advance EDPR /etc/config/wireless config wifi-device radio0 option type mac80211 option channel 11 option hwmode 11ng option macaddr 00:c0:ca:6f:05:96 option htmode HT20 list ht_capab SHORT-GI-20 list ht_capab SHORT-GI-40 list ht_capab RX-STBC1 list ht_capab DSSS_CCK-40 # REMOVE THIS LINE TO ENABLE WIFI: # option disabled 1 config wifi-iface option device radio0 option network lan option mode ap option ssid TEST option encryption psk2 option key P@$$W0RD /etc/config/network config interface loopback option ifname lo option proto static option ipaddr option netmask config interface bridge0 option ifname eth0 eth1 option type bridge option proto static option ipaddr option netmask config interface lan option ifname wlan0 option type bridge option proto static option ipaddr option netmask option gateway option dns #config switch_vlan # option device eth0 # option vlan 1 # option ports "0 1"
  2. 5V 12,000mAh = 5V 12A = 60W I assume you're talking about battery packs / power banks? In this case the manufacturer probably isn't spec'ing the output but the capacity of the battery itself So it doesn't mean that the output is 60W What I was talking about was standard 220v PSU's.
  3. There is a lot of threads complaining about the Mark V (and Mark IV) not having enough juice. What is the absolutely best power supply for the Mark V? I do know it accepts 5-12V. I have totally no clue about powering electronics. If one had the choice, what would be the best? I remember Watt = Voltage * Ampere 5V 2.5A, which results in 10W? 12V 1.5A which results in 18W? Is there a maximum which should not be exceeded? And what is that maximum? Is it the Wattage? Does the same apply for the Mark IV?
  4. edpr

    Passive tap on http

    I do understand bridging concept - but I rather stay working with 1 cable and 1 physical interface if possible. I don't need anything from the destination server, I only need the outgoing http requests from the source client. I'm interested in the visited urls and the form post from the browser. I'm not interested in the stuff the webserver returns. Therefore I thought that my initial apache setup would have done the trick. If Apache needs to do some handshaking before accepting a request, of course that path won't work.
  5. edpr

    Passive tap on http

    I rather don't bridge and stay with my original hw setup. Is it safe to assume tcpdump trimmed down to :80 eventually get what I want (be it with post processing in wireshark of course)?
  6. Would a setup like this work in theory? Original setup [LAN]-[GATEWAY] Hack setup [LAN]-[THROWINGSTAR]-[GATEWAY] with [THROWINGSTAR]-[PINEAPPLE] Where... The Pineapple has Apache, listening to *:80 .htaccess ports all requests to dump.php dump.php script captures all $_REQUEST (this includes _POST of course) and dumps them in a textfile Will this do what it's supposed to do; get a dump of all outgoing http requests to any host (~browser url bar content including form submissions)?
  7. I have mine at 3A. Still trying to figure out what's going wrong. There goes the weekend :-) Edit: the USB hub is at 5V 3A, the Mark IV is at standard 12V 1A
  8. Config: Mark IV with ALFA 036H Connected through a powered USB hub with modified USB cable. Removing this hop gives the same result though. Firmware 3.0.0 I've read and followed all known forum topics, but they - don't seem to fix my issue - seem to describe a problem much more deep than mine Everything shows up nicely: USB shows all my connected devices, including the ALFA Wifi manager: I get both internal radio and external usb radio shown up, including their respective mac addresses. I can do a site scan for radio1 and get the desired result (the available ap's in my area that is) For what it's worth, memorystick(s) and 3G work fine through this hub (and without it) However in the same Wifi manager... For 'radio0' I get 'wlan0' shown up next to it For 'radio1' I don't get anything but a '-' next to it. root>wifi PHY for wifi device radio1 not found and nothing more. Just 1 line etc/config/wireless Any ideas - or any request for more info to get more view on this problem ?
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