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How long does it take and how long should I put


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Got a simple question, how long does it take before the ducky installs the freaking driver and what amount of delay should I put in top of the payload. Since I have tried this out multiple times and the payload executes long before the driver gets installed, thus the ducky not doing anything.


It's extremely confusing, sometimes it takes 30 seconds before the driver is installed, sometimes it takes 20 seconds. Last time I tried it took 1 min and 20 seconds. I litteraly do not have time to wait for it to load, lol. I rather do it manually. I really though you could bypass the driver installation (I heard its possible). But by the time it actually executes my payload, I could have been long gone. Anyone experiencing this issue or have a fix for it?

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Depends on VID PID, has the driver been loaded before, what OS, current processor load on OS. Something out of our control.

Driver installation bypass, is only if you mimic the VID PID of a previously connected and valid device.

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Sometimes it is just best to find your target machine, plug in the duck and wait for it to install the driver, then you can just walk up later with the payload and with a suitable delay of 3000 to 5000, and it should work fine from there.

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Well if you can't count on it, then you might need to put up a delay up to a minute or so. It is something that we can't really predict, unless you manually install the driver off of a USB key, but that can also take time, and is generally slower than using the ducky. Sorry.

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