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I am attempting a brute force attack on an adroid 4 digit pin code. I'm running into a problem though. The user has the phone set for a screen swipe lock before it goes into the pin code screen. How do I emulate a screen swipe in ducky code? The phone is a Samsung (SCH-I535) Galaxy S3. Thanks for any help.

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Not impossible, but beyond the scope of the current project's focus

You could find someway to emulate a mouse like device (rubber ducky chip supports touch in qtlibrary) and make the device accept it.


You could buy a $3 knife and threaten the owner with it, thus revealing the swipe.

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If you go back to the original USB Ruber ducky, the one using the teensy then you could write yourself a code that does it, my blog contain an old archive: http://madhak.com/?p=74, check the PDE attached on that blog post and instead of using the keyboard lib use the mouse one. then you can use .click() and .move() function to simulate every possible swipe. But keep in mind that there's security software that will send a picture and the location of anyone failing 3 attempt...

Or you could look at the grease trail left on the screen, it usually reveal the pattern :P If its not easily visible try with baby powder... I use this technique a lot to prank friends, I usually get the pattern on 1st try.

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If you are plugging it into the phone, do that, swipe the screen then just press the button on the Ducky to initiate the script. I can't see why you would need to to the screen swipe in this case, so long as you have access to the phone.

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