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Upon reading the documentation. The project leader, or what ever his title was, is a government paranoid freak. His software is fine and dandy I'm sure, but I'm not going to bother. His take on open-source being too open and that it's wrong for china to make a Red Flag Linux, etc. I don't support communism or those who abuse human rights, but to bring that kind of political activism to hacktivism is just dumb, IMHO. I will not fault anyone for using this man's product, but I'm not going to support this man either. OpenSource is open source, there is no sence in saying, "I think you are a bad person, so I don't want you to use my 'free' software." Further more, how the hell can one regulate who does and doesn't download anyway? If that could be done, wouldn't piracy but a whole lot harder??? (Winners don't do War-Az!) Anyway, I'm off my soapbox, I'm sorry.....

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Its ok Wess :wink:

To clairify, I wasnt pushing this guy's politics, I just like it because it is Gaim with crypto. I'm on a lot of open wireless networks, and sometimes you just dont want people reading you instant message conversations.

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I didn't say you were pushing his politics. If it came across that way, I'm sorry. D00d, if you really feel like you need your aim encrypted, more power to ya man, as far as I know, this software is the best bet. The man's politics appearing in the documentation is what pissed me off. Especially when it's uber-liberalistic horse shit, that's all. No hard feelings. if its the perfect tool for you then by God, use it for all its worth, dammit! ;)

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gaim encryption: http://gaim-encryption.sourceforge.net/

and gaim otr: http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/

ARE gaim with encryption

otr is a little bit of a better option for message deniability, but this has integrated tor support and some other really cool stuff

noticed something that kinda bugs me. "Note: whistleblowers within any department are encouraged to use ScatterChat." So if you're using this and you work for the CIA or DoD, aren't you basically saying, "hey look at me, i'm a whistleblower"

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