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Need help with some Karma MODS


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Hi everybody,

Ive been using my MKIV pineapple for quite some time now, and enjoying every minute of it. I am a "windows" tech so i always feel a bit like a fish out of the water when im on the pineapple but learning linux has been fun so far.

After reading alot on these forums i figured i'd try and ask some help from the community.

What i want to accomplish is this:

I want to capture WIFI probes, and the probes only + a timestamp. All this needs to work "out of the box". So turning the pineapple on should have everything up and running. Everything should go to the USB stick,

For legal purposes, i dont want anything like KARMA to actualy establish a session with a device thats probing.

What i did so far:

-Use my second radio to dump everything unencrypted thats in the air to a pcap file on the USB stick:

Works: but have to sort out the entirte pcap file to get the broadcasts and there's no timestamp

Now Karma is lining all the probes up nicely so:

What i'd like to do is: Change the KARMA log to have a TImestamp and copy this log (Cronjob) say every 5 minuts to my USB drive. PRoblem: I need to BLACKLIST either every / wildcard or somehow stop this from happening. I really really need in this case karma to stop actualy stop responding to the probes...

btw tried tailing the log file to the USB stick.. But that wasn't a fool proof option.

ANy suggestions on how to accomplish this in a matter that someone could turn the pineapple on and everything would be running smoothly?

My setup is a MKIV, + Alfa USB radio and USB stick. running 2.8.1

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