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[Request for Midnitesnake] Modified Duck Firmware

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Hi, I've downloaded the source for the c_duck firmware, and I changed a few of the properties so the duck has a different name - at least most of it anyway, but when I compile it and then flash it; the duck registers as a Mass Storage Device, but the duck won't emulate the keyboard, and the USB Mass Storage has the name "ATMEL Ducky Storage USB Device". I've changed all the strings in the "config_usb.h" so the name is different but it still doesn't work. All I've changed is:

#define USB_DEVICE_PRODUCT_NAME "USB Mass Storage Device"

Still no luck. Also, when I compile the program, I get errors related to "input", the errors I get are: "input is not relaxable" and "no return statement in function returning non-void".

I want to edit the "Composite_Duck_4cap" firmware but I can't find the source, so I'm using the "Composite Duck" firmware to see if I can successfully modify the code. Is it possible for you to upload a custom version of the "Composite Duck" firmware so that the Duck doesn't register as a Duck? Such as what I was trying to acomplish in the Quote above...

Thanks. And thank you for all your work so far! You really do take care of the Ducky project :)

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Im extremely busy with work at the moment; if someone doesn't pick this up; I'll look at it over the X-mas holidays, once I finally get some time off.

I understand. Happy X-mas. Another developer that I know who is really busy is Ponury (A guy who makes the Android app "WifiKill"), I love hard workers.

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