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Import Duties


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Hi guys,

Just got caught for import duty on my Wifi Pineapple and Travel Kit. Had to pay an extra €50 in order to get my product from the courier.

Just said I'd give all you European users a little warning if you plan on ordering stuff. Maybe you could ask Darren or one of the other team members to declare the value as less to avoid this duty, because shipping alone is pricey, but when you have to pay more money on top of that it sucks!

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You should do more research and reading next time.

If you would have read http://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/shipping-info You would have know that.

In most EU country the following rule apply's: price of object + shipping above 150€ then add 30% of the price as import cost + taxes. And there can also be handle costs.

If you want more detail. there plenty of sites that calculate the price for you.

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