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PXE "No DHCP or proxy DHCP offers were found or received"


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Hey guys!

Ok so here's the lateset:

I'm building a PXE server with int0x80! I've been following his video note for note, word for word. But when I try to boot from my laptop, I get a nice error:

" No DHCP or proxy DHCP offers were found or received"

Am I forgetting or missing a step in a file configuration? or is it as simple as port forwarding?

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Haven't messed about with PXE in forever, but 1, client machine, bios set to boot from PXE/Network capable, 2, OS Server, tftp server up and running with the image, 3, both computers hooked to one another with a cross over cable nic to nic, or on the same switch with regular cables. If using standard cat5 nic to nic, the nics need to be switchable aware and capable of handling crossover mode on their own, or they can't see each other. Some routers and switches are capable of doing that on the same port of the switch/router by default. Go back over the steps in the video, but also check other youtube vids, and maybe even wikipedia on PXE booting. Probably forgetting a small step, like the TFTP configuration setup/server IP's, or such.



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