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find the attacker


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hello guys,

i have ADSL Wifi modem and unfortunately it was preconfigured to WEP encryption wireless security until i found out that somebody is using my internet bandwidth. my question is can i find the attacker cause i think he has broken into my ADSL access point as long as i was using WEP encryption?

any response will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

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Depending on your router, and the antenna, it is most likely a neighbour. Then again could be someone with a powerful yagi that could be slightly further away.

Your router config should be able to tell you what clients are connected, if not use kismet.

You can then use kismet with a directional antenna, scanning the area for clients. Find the matching client MAC address (providing attacker is still online & not changing his MAC every time). And narrow down the location.

I've done this and pinned it down to a single house in the past. But then what are you going to do? Police aren't really interested.


Go out buy a newer router. Enable WPA2, Disable WPS, Set a very long WPA2 key (24+ chars (preferably almost random))

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Agreed, That basically means A:) You need a new router, and B:) Congrats, you have a cheap neighbor. lol

Just make sure you really lock down your new router , Consider MAC filtering. Also make sure to close off any ports you're not using or plan on not using, that can contribute big time. As for your current router and situation:

Kismet is your friend to find out who they are. I won't go into detail on how to get them off your network BUUTT Im sure you can find something to be adventurous with. I have my personal methods , but everyone has their ways.

Wait, you were using WEP? Ooohh :unsure: Yeah get rid of that garbage. And make sure your WPS Pin system is turned off.

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Find attacker.

1. do not alter your encryption, keep suspect inbound.

2. arp spoof own network

3. sniff for social network logins, find attacker.

4. visit him at his doorstep and recover money from stolen use of bandwidth.

5. buy yourself a beer and drink it while you secure your wifi with a higher encryption. ;)

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