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  1. Yeah iv seen this, but i think it is related to the cubieboards 1,2 only, not cubietruck. but i can gve it a try. might need to compile kernel
  2. I will do more research and follow the cubietruck community while i play around with this thing, i will post back as soon anything interesting happens. :)
  3. well.... I bought the cubietruck because of the specs compared to the Pi, so that aint a drawback, but the support for it is not yet as good as Pi, nor will it be for a while. The community around the Pi is alot bigger and distro support much greater. but in hardware specs the cubie is in my opinion much better, so for the near future i hope they will create a compatible cubietruck version of kali. I have not run labtest of the cubietruck, but i can do that if someone is interested how much power you need in different scenarios for battery calculations. I bought the bundle version with the plexicase and 2,5 and 3,5 hdd accessories. it came with a extra powerboard for 12v input and another 2x5v usb. cubie runs on 5v 2-3amps depending on configuration, internal and external loads (Wifi/BT,HDD etc) i have started it with only 500mA on 5v, 2,5w. it clocks the cpu down to minimum to operate, higher current, more speed. for now i am running lubuntu on nand, but when i get xserver to work on the sd img i will run a 32gb class10 kingston card instead. and hopefully kali will be released for cubietruck. Also, here is my simple labtest for the Mark V https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31127-battery-math/?p=234743
  4. Nothing that would be interesting for a man without a brain

  5. no problem, always glad to do lab tests :)
  6. LABTEST Mark V Standard settings, both radios on and normal traffic. load may vary on config. test voltage and draw 5v - 0,6A - 3W 7,2v - 0,4A - 2,88W 9v - 0,32A - 2,88W 11,4v - 0,26A - 2,96W 12v - 0,24A - 2,88W most efficient rating, since a battery will usually have deeper discharge at this voltage. 13v - 0,23A - 2,99W, not recommended at thislevel it begins slowly drawing more current. stressing the regulator this shows the efficiency area of the input. example and theoretic battery calculations under these conditions. 12v x 8400mah - 100wh/2,88w giving 35hours Remember LVC circuits on lithium polymer and lithium iron phosphate cells so you dont brake em. protected lithium ion 18650 cells is recommended if you dont have lvc, cheap and you can find them everywhere.can also be bulk charged. now you can calculate batteries with more accuracy
  7. i always calculate with watt hours Wh, and.. for most efficiency use the highest voltage allowed by the circuit. i will test the current draw in the lab and post number here for you.
  8. The Project is done, and now it will be fieldtested. System is fully operational running cubietruck with linux and pineapple mark V
  9. VIDEO series comming this Christmas (Operation Takedown) feat.The Elite Commander with antenna gear i will start making videos of long range testing of the Elite Commander later this week or next week, depending if all the parts has arrived. i will gather a team of victims deployed over a large geographical area, (pc,cell phones,tabs, etc) Alot of equipment is being shipped to me from sunhans, different antennas (yagi,grid,omni), cables, connectors,boosters etc. I hope i can add videos to this thread as well mrgray?
  10. cheaper to get a new one. 3-5 dollars. but i think this is a warranty case.
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