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Fixed web site and am back in the office after two days off.


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I fixed the domain fowarding issue. I turned off masking put another they gave me another forwarding ip. Not the one listed on the site. Got that one fixed cool. New problem below

In a google search; I type the name of my company in our page comes up number 2. Our yelp page comes up first that sucks. There is no way to push yelp down. I would like to get my site number 1, my facebook page number 2 our music schedule page number 3. I dont see it happening yelp has to much of a foot hold in google search engine. Anyone have any ideas. I know you are saying if the yelp reviews were awesome you would not care. I think it takes away from my site that I pay for and promotes other businesses.

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Its called SEO and SEM. Google it. Search results are based on popularity of the site itself, links to the site, backlinks, meta data, keyword sufficiency and unless the new site gains more popularity on google than the other link, thats the only way its going to change. If you just changed to a new domain though or such, it can take time for its rank to change as well and depending on what words you use to search for the domain, will yield different results as to what ranking you show on google, so there is a whole plethora of things involved that effect ranking.

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