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[question] Teensy 3.0 to USB RUBBER DUCKY


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Dear Folks,

I have got a new Teensy 3.0 and Attached SD CARD Adapter(Parallax 32312) to it. I am using a 2 GB SD CARD.

I am able to Read Write the SD Card Content.

My Question is :


2. How to Switch Between Payloads with Push-Button?

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Well, the Ducky firmware is specific to the hardware that makes the duck a duck, and all Teensy boards have a separate boot loader that you aren't advised to overwrite unless you know exactly what your doing.

You can write out code in C++ like I do with my Teensy++ 2.0, using the Arduino IDE. This is what happened in the old days before the Ducky was being manufactured, everyone used Teensys and wrote the code manually and flashed it.

You can use the SD card adapter as mass storage along with HID keyboard functionality, so for exfiltration your set. Without it you only have ~128K of flash memory and usually have to resort to FTPs (at least that's my solution!)

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