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  1. Calling it a night at 4 am...

  2. I need to get out more. I wanted to know if my parents were home, so I went to type /list... The moment of realization was fantastic.

  3. Awesome visualization of temperature anomalies:https://t.co/8NfU0gTtT2

  4. It scares me that cyber criminals are often more ethical than governments. There's a reason there are ethical hackers. A lack of ethics.

  5. So apparenty there are about 0.27% as many minecraft accounts as there are people on earth.... https://t.co/Ydh4RbNcyd

  6. http://t.co/Azxapturlk Surely they saw the double entendre...

  7. I'm getting tired of living in a country where the biggest fight is between people on the same side, and I'm only 16. Brb, moving to the EU.

  8. Wooooooooooooooooooo spring break!

  9. Reserve power supplies running low... Beginning hibernation sequence.

  10. RT @VladToBeHere: It's beer o'clock!

  11. Officially prepared for april fool's day. Muahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha

  12. So every variable name is ☃....

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