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No External SSH


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Hello there,

I have had one server running Ubuntu server 10.04 for almost a year now going fine. I could ssh both from inside the network and outside. I recently came into getting another server, installed Ubuntu server 12.04 onto it. Now when outside the network I can only externally ssh into my new server. Even if the new server is off and disconnected from the network, and the old one is up and running. When i run the command "ssh (old)@[external ip]" it just times out. But when i run "ssh (new)@[external ip]" i get in fine. I need to be able to get into both servers externally. If it matters my old server has a static local ip of and my new I have looked all over the Ubuntu forums for help but none of the solutions have worked. Help is needed!!!!

Thanks - BOOB00

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You need to setup two different external ports and have them route to the appropriate internal IP:Port combo.


Thank you for the help! I will try that tonight. And with that i was trying to say that with both servers running, I can only ssh into the new one from outside my network.

You need to change the port of one of the servers, you cannot have them booth running on port 22 and port-forward both of them.

Thanks newbi3!

Although i still have one question, even with the new server off I still can not even ssh into my old one from outside the network.

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