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Help on parental control


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Hi there guys I'm looking for some help on parental control

Basically I have a house with a separate garage and a barn all 3 far apart

And want to have wifi on all 3 but with parental control

So my problem is how can I do this

My first idea is to have my main router on the house and one access point on each of the other 2 locations with open DNA on the main router my problem then became that all computers and devices are restricted and I woul like to have a few unrestricted like my own laptop and the wife's tablet and our phones

And everyone else that comes visit including my 4 kids will be restricted anywhere they go ????????

Tus is where I got stuck

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Setup OpenDNS on the routers in the barns, and sign up with your home IP and add restrictions. Leave OpenDNS off the main home router if thats what you and the wife use. If the kids use this as well, then it makes it a bit harder, and you'd need to install something on their computers, change their users to lower level/restricted user access so they can't uninstall any third part programs, but the quickest, free method for me would be to use OpenDNS, sign up, add domains, topics and such you want restricted, and don't let them connect to the main home router. This way, their requests go through OpenDNS and you cna filter by domain names, keywords, protocols such as Bittorrent, etc. You can also setup OpenDNS in each of their devices settings, forcing them to use OpenDNS at the house when the connect to the main home router, so they'd more or less still be using OpenDNS if you didn't put it on the main gateway so you and your wife aren't restricted.

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That's what I be done so far but the problem comes when they're friends come around with they're devices and I also have a few employees on the barn so that makes it so complicated that I have yet find a solution has anyone tryed monOwall or a router with built in parental controls?

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Thanks for the reply I already have opendns but have no clue on how to Mac pass the devices I want to be unrestricted could you plss explain further my router is a netgear wndr3700

If you know of a known device that can perform what am lookingfor please let me know

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I've been thinking of parental control ideas for myself as well. I've recently decided to get an openWRT router. With my situation it would be simplest to maintain 2 sets of config files and 2 scripts to reconfigure my network that I will run as cron jobs. It should work for me, because I mostly want my unrestricted access after the kids go to bed, and the scripts that unrestrict me will also boot the kids, (also change the essid pw) and so they stop watching youtube videos in the middle of the night. I have a few more less creative ideas involving a VPN and firewalling DNS instead of installing 3rd party software on each machine.

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