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Pineapple in action

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Hello everyone, I wanted to ask a couple of questions since the beginning of this wonderful adventure, wanting to bring the pineapple on the street, once configured for example as urlsnarf there is no more need to connect it to a computer?, You need a 3g usb connection inserted?, then wanting to re-check the logs?, in practice urlsnarf only serves to show the sites visited by the people who are connected to the pineapple, to know something more you should use dns spoof, changing the default SSID Karma "pineapple" must also insert it into the blacklist below? to prevent the pineapple logs in automatically?, the WPS button?, and then taking wan / lan what is the use, given that the network cable rettrattile and always connected poe / lan '.

Sorry for the barrage of questions but curious to understand is so great, thank you all for any help.


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using URLsnarf with no internet connection would prove pointless, as a client would connect to one site, be unable to access it and more then likely cease to use that router. DNSspoof can be used without a connection as the DNS entries you provide would direct all users trying to access a certain site to your spoofed site.

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