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Trying to share internet connection from wlan1 to wlan0. Is it possible?


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What I want to do is connect to a wireless network (Via USB radio), and share that internet with wlan0. I purchased the elite bundle. Upgraded MIV to the latest firmware. I have networkmanager installed.

both wlan0 and wlan1 is enabled. I configured wlan1 on my network (Password, SSID, Network to WAN, Mode to Client. I receive an IP address from my SSID.

I click on the ICS tab and set share internet from wlan1 and To is set to wlan0. When I connect to the default Pineapple xx:xx SSID and navigate to a website, it times out. I have switched the "To" to br-lan as well to no avail.

What am I doing wrong?!

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Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with how you've set that up. I can confirm that this configuration works. Two things though:

1. In Network Manager when you connect your external Alfa to the AP what steps do you take right before hitting Request IP?

2. While your in there ensure that wlan0 and wlan1 haven't swapped.

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